Architecture is Art

The current issue of Architectural Record is dedicated to discussions about the overlap between Art and Architecture. Undoubtedly the two have lots in common. However, there is a notion among artists and architects that two are quite different and cannot be called the same.

One of the artists was quoted as saying that art is “useless” and is only for “viewing pleasure”, while the architecture serves a purpose. Architects use complex engineering and technology to aid them in the creation of a functional space. However, much of it is for mere aesthetic pleasure and serves only as that purpose.
Art has encompassed anything from elaborate sculptures of the Renaissance era, to caveman wall paintings, to Malevich’s square, to Marcel Duchamp’s upside down urinal (so called Fountain.) If all that

can qualify as art, then architecture can be as well.

As far as calling the architects artist, it is a more a personal matter rather than a defining statement. See Frank Gehry’s take on it:


How does CB Products relate to this discussion? The products and materials that we represent are used creatively by many architects.

The variety of colors, finishes, and shapes of Agrob Buchtal facades allows architects push the boundaries of their imagination and create intricate details. This wall, named Origami, is built at the Collection of Art museum in Dusseldorf, Germany.

2011-08-10 via Breda (42)smallThe Alucovering Aluminum Wall Panels can be produced in a variety of surfaces, painted any color, and can be up to 19′-6″ (6 meters) long. This project in Milan features three different shades of gray and red accent panels  over 18′ long.









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