Terracotta Rainscreen Facade on Hotel in San Francisco

We are very pleased to announce that CB Products has successfully supplied another terracotta rainscreen facade for an upcoming hotel in San Francisco!


This upcoming boutique hotel will have around 33,000 SF of beautifully glazed terracotta panels spanning the entire 12 story façade. The panels will be installed on a custom back up system designed and supplied by our partner Q-Vent. Along with the terracotta façade CB Products also was able to supply approximately 4,000 sq ft of Marestone which will be featured on the rooftop bar section of the hotel.

Marestone is one of the newest products being represented by CB Products and offers builders a cost effective and lightweight solution to achieve a stone look. This will be the first, of what we will know will be many, projects in the United States to feature Marestone and we can’t wait to show it off to everybody once it is finished.

The hotel is located directly across from the baseball stadium, AT&T Park in the South Beach district of the city. Opening is anticipated for October 2016 so we hope to have photos of the completed project around that time.  Next time you are lucky enough to be in San Francisco take some time to check it out!



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