Testing Time!


static water penetration test

After months of preparation and installation the day was finally upon us to have our materials put to the test on the performance mock-up for our upcoming project in San Francisco. We gathered our team and made the quick trip out to Construction Consulting Laboratory West in Ontario, CA to see how it went.


Airplane engine used to simulate 70+ mph winds

The testing was performed on a two story section of wall that contained our terracotta rainscreen system along with the unitized curtain walling in order to simulate conditions that the building is expected to endure such as water penetration (both static and dynamic), extreme wind loads and seismic activity. Now it will be some time before we receive the data from the mock-up but as active spectators during the testing we can confidently say that our system performed exactly as it should have.

We can go on and on about what went on during the testing but we got together with the great people at Dyna Drones to help us document the testing and tell our story. Check out the film below that shows just a small sample of what Dyna Drones is able to offer. We are blown away by the quality and professionalism of the Dyna Drones team and will be collaborating with them on many projects to come. Enjoy!



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