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  • Administration headquarters, Handan, China

    Administration headquarters, Handan, China

    Designs with an exclusive touch.

    The scope of creative facade design is considerably enlarged by our range of exclusive special pieces. The special pieces can be used as sunshade baguettes, unique corner profiles, and other architectural elements.  Whether strictly angular or softly rounded: both categories of forms can be realized in diverse variations. With their new cross-sections, the design special pieces rectangular tube and lamellar (airfoil shape) element are available in lengths of up to 5-6 feet.

  • Administration headquarters, Handan, China

    Microsoft Campus

    Corner solutions / Sunshade Baguettes

    Special pieces are used above all as protection against the sun or view, for realizing elegant corner solutions or setting design accents. As both glazed and unglazed versions are available in numerous colour variations, special pieces can be used either tone in tone or – for more variety – in contrasting colours. For working out individual, project-specific fastening proposals, please contact us. For standard fastening variants, see the standard technical details. It is also possible to join several parts together to make a compact element. For this, various aluminium or rubber spacers to be mounted between the individual parts are available.

    Corner solutions

    Corner profile 55Cross-section of corner profile 55

    Corner profile 90Cross-section of corner profile 90

    3D profileCross-section of 3D profile

    Radial corner pieceCross-section of radial corner piece



    Rectangular tubeCross-section of Rectangular tube 2″ X 2 3/8″

    Rectangular tubeCross-section of Rectangular tube  2 3/8″ X 2 3/8″

    Rectangular tubeCross-section of Rectangular tube 2″ X 4″

    Lamellar elementCross-section of Lamelle 2 3/8″ X 5 1/2″

    In addition to the variants shown, the production of individual articles is also possible. After a short check of the individual case for technical and economical feasibility, we will be pleased to provide you with project-specific information.