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For 30 years, the METRO FRAMES provides its customers professionalism and competence.
With the experience gained in the field of aluminum windows and curtain we can supply a complete service ranging from careful planning and following you to the installation site in reaching an installation in a workmanlike manner.
We guarantee the best service possible thanks to the professionalism of our technical department and quality of the materials we use.  What characterizes us is the ability to transform an idea into a project executive and then in an artifact.  Concrete projects.  Immediately achievable.  Cutting-edge technology. Creativity.  Contemporaneity.




We invest heavily in research and development and offer a full range of solutions to your problems. We work mainly on commission, even before we should entrust the work we study the best solution for you. The technical office is our flagship. Owing to the needs of the customer is able to create proposals to measure functional, creative and technological capability available, together with a dynamic and flexible structure, allow us to realize projects innovativi.Metro Fixtures can be considered a strategic meeting point between the technical study of the designer and the construction company, providing its own specific know-how. To realize our projects, we use only top quality materials. We purchase raw materials and semi-finished products from the best European suppliers and business partners are at the forefront of companies whose products are a guarantee of durability and reliability.


Our office in Castello di Serravalle, the Bolognese hills, covers an area of ​​5000 square meters and houses the offices, warehouses and production department.

The design is performed using modern stations Autocad while the processing of raw materials takes advantage of CNC machining centers and benches equipped assembly.
Our story began with the fixtures, we are now able to design and build curtain “traditional” structural and ventilated.

We offer beauty and practicality.