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  • Member of the German Association for Construction Materials and Components for Ventilated Rainscreens (FVHF e.V.)

    Innovative from experience

    With attractive designs, sophisticated techniques and constant high quality made in Germany, facade ceramics from AGROB BUCHTAL have built up an excellent reputation in contemporary architecture. Demanding projects all over the world are realized with the proven products of the manufacturer rich in tradition, which besides an attractive look and efficient processing also guarantee uncompromising safety.

    Thus, a unique wealth of experiences has developed in the course of the years, which forms the sound basis for innova- tions in line with the market. The devel- opment work focuses on new, particularly efficient installation methods which result in a considerable saving of time and thus in a reduction of costs.

    Bouwhuis, Zoetermeer, Netherlands

    Chelmsford Magistrates, Law Courts
    / Chelmsford, UK

    Pangyo Seven Venture Valley /
    Seongnam, South Korea

  • Forum Brescia / Brescia, Italy

    Forum Brescia / Brescia, Italy

    Services from which you can benefit.

    At AGROB BUCHTAL, high-quality products and competent services are supplied. In this way, planners and architects using our ceramic facade systems can benefit from the know-how of our in-house planning department free of charge when specifying our products. This means: we carry out many annoying routine tasks for you, so that you can exclusively concentrate on the realization of your creative ideas. A committed team of qualified technicians, engineers, architects, designers and colour experts ensures a quick and problem-free realization of individual concepts.

    Our range of services:

    • Laying plans
    • Determinations of quantities
    • Detailed estimates
    • Texts for bidding purposes
    • Project-specific advice regarding application techniques
    • Upon request, persons to contact on location world-wide

  • Sky / Munich, Germany

    Sky / Munich, Germany

    The system of the curtain-type, rear-ventilated facade.

    Combined with insulating materials in any thickness desired, curtain-type, rear-ventilated facades ensure an agreeable, healthy interior climate and reach U-values regarding thermal insulation which satisfy the elevated requirements to be met by low-energy houses without any problems. Summer heat can not penetrate into the interior, and the measurable reduction of the heating energy requirement helps to protect the climate due to the lower CO2 emission. As the steam diffusion resistance decreases from inside towards outside, building or utilization moisture is carried away through the rear ventilation space. In this way, the function of the insulation is permanently retained. And thanks to the great variety of colours and formats of our ceramic facade systems, there are no limits to creative design.

    Enhancing the status of existing buildings

    Modern facade ceramics also offers solutions for the renovation of buildings with problematic basic structure, which are convincing visually and with regard to energy efficiency. Numerous buildings erected as low-cost projects above all at the beginning of the 1960s prove this. If the owner of a building decides against the demolition and in favour of a general renovation, not only the flats but also the facades are modernized in most cases – for some good reasons. Because the replacement of the old claddings by curtain-type, rear-ventilated facades realized with KeraTwin® or KerAion panels has several positive effects at the same time: thanks to the enormous range of colours and formats, renovation projects turn into highlights in urban development in modern look, while the exemplary heat insulation reduces energy costs, saves natural resources and protects the climate.

    Residential building before the renovation

    Residential building before the renovation

    Residential building after the renovation

    Residential building after the renovation

    Principle: curtain-type, rear-ventilated facade with heat insulation

    Principle: curtain-type, rear-ventilated
    facade with heat insulation

  • the revolutionary surface coatingHT

    Environmental protection is one of the most urgent tasks of our days, and we feel obliged to contribute to it to a high degree. That is why we are coating our facade ceramics with HT, which offers three special economical and ecological advantages:

    • it is extremely easy to clean / self-washing effect with long-term guarantee
    • it has an antibacterial effect without using chemical products*
    • it decomposes the exhaust fumes produced by cars and industry: 1,000 m² of facade ceramics with HT clean the air as effectively as 70 medium-sized deciduous trees.

    * Documentation and approval regarding the antibacterial characteristics of HT are pending in the USA

    The principle

    Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is baked onto the tile surface as catalyst at high temperature and effects a reaction between light, oxygen and air humidity. Activated oxygen is produced, and the result is a hydrophilic (= “water-friendly“) surface with the following advantageous properties:

    At glazed and unglazed facade ceramics:

    • antibacterial: microorganisms such as e.g. fungi, algae, moss or germs are decomposed.
    • extremely easy to clean: instead of being repelled, the water spreads to form a thin film, which washes down the dirt.
    • odour-eliminating: unwelcome or harmful odours and atmospheric pollutants are eliminated – both indoors and outdoors.

    The effects are permanently conserved and activated by light again and again. Titanium dioxide is non-toxic as well as free of irritating substances and can even be added to food.

    The unique surface coating guarantees perfectly clean facades – in the long term and without effort. Because sun and rain perform the active cleaning in the case of glazed facade ceramics. In this way, HT considerably reduces the maintenance costs.

    No chance for dirt, oil and grease

    Thanks to HT and its antibacterial effect, algae, fungi and moss are decomposed. As soon as rain falls, dirt and impurities are simply washed down by the so-called self-washing effect in the case of glazed facade ceramics.

    Certificates / Test reports

    For further information and test certificates, please request our special HT documents.

    CLICK HERE for Full Article on HT-Coating.

  • Muhammad Ali Center / Louisville, USA

    Muhammad Ali Center / Louisville, USA

    Colours, forms, formats: just as you wish!

    Thanks to our extensive know-how and the experience from innumerable projects all around the world, we are also well prepared for realizing unusual ideas.

    In close cooperation between our laboratory, our production and our efficient inhouse planning department, we are developing and supplying the facade ceramics exactly corresponding to your ideas – independent of the standard examples shown in this Programme of Delivery. We have several tens of thousands of glaze recipes at our disposal and can benefit from our immense practical experience in the field of ceramics. In addition, we open new horizons for individual design by state-of-the-art printing techniques and precise water jet cuts – no matter whether it is a company logo or the stylistically appropriate restoration of historical monuments. Artists which themselves want to lend a hand with the realization of their creations are welcome, because this is how contemporary facade art is created which gives residential, business and public buildings an unmistakable look. Conclusion: if you have any special wishes regarding colours, forms or formats, simply contact us. We have the solution which optimally supports your design concept.

    • Several tens of thousands of glaze recipes
    • State-of-the-art printing techniques
    • Water jet cuts
    • Hand painting
    • Realization of individual concepts
    Museum der Kulturen (Museum of Cultures) / Basel, Switzerland

    Museum der Kulturen (Museum of
    Cultures) / Basel, Switzerland

    Bluemax-Theatre / Berlin, Germany

    Bluemax-Theatre / Berlin, Germany

    Shopping centre / Roermond, Netherlands

    Shopping centre / Roermond, Netherlands