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    Unique Product

    The ALU-Xp systems represent the most comprehensive and technologically advanced architectural solutions for ventilated facades using extruded aluminium panels. Each unique ALU-Xp profile is designed based upon in-depth research,detailed knowledge of the materials and how they perform as facades along with compliance to prevailing standards. Every detail of the ALU-Xp system is designed to solve critical interfaces and ensure the reliability of the facade when subjected to wind, thermal expansion and the corrosive nature of atmospheric pollutants in all environments.

    ALU-Xp profiles are extruded from aluminium alloy of approximately 1/16″ to 1/8″ thickness , 8″ to 14″ in height and up to 18′ in length (according to project specifications) and either anodized or powder coated to a minimum of 60 microns from a choice of over 400 colors.
    Modern and technologically advanced manufacturing processes ensure the highest quality.

    Aluminium alloy used in ALU-Xp panels, temper classified T6 

    Fire Resistance

    The ALU-Xp panel has no fire risk as it is made entirely from aluminium. It is classified A1.  It does not give off toxic gases or produce fumes. It fuses at high temperatures without spreading fire or releasing toxic gases.

    Certifications and Guarantees

    • Aluminium Alloy – EN AW 6060 T6.
    • Powder coating certified Qualicoat.
    • Powder coating warranty.





  • Color Range and special finishes

    The ALU-Xp panels are available in a wide range of colors and finishes all linked to the RAL color system with finishes such as gloss, matte, satin, metallic, pearlescent, rough grained. The ALU-Xp finishes are completed with powder coating products polymerized at 190° in accordance with the requirements of “Qualicoat” international standards. The process of certification ensures that minimum standards are met with respect to machinery, the finished product, the raw materials and the high quality powder coating required for architectural applications.

    Color and Finish examples

    Over and above the vast range of powder coated colors, ALU-Xp is available in special colors and finishes. Through additional processing it is possible to achieve wood effects, marble effects, Corten and other custom finishes.

  • Unique Faces

    The design possibilities are expanded with wide selection of ALU-Xp profiles. The ALU-Xp 01/C profile is a closed joint profile that allows for combination of multiple profiles to create a visual effect of very large modules. For example, multiple 12-inch 01/C panels can be combined to create a 24″/36″/48″ + module.  In addition, the nature of the extruded panels ensures that panels are extremely straight even at longer modules (>5 feet.)


    Below you will find the standard profiles for the ALU-Xp system. Additional profile shapes might be provided upon request.

    Open Joint Profile

    Horizontal Butt Joint Profile

    Grooved Profile

    Wavy Profile

    Curved Profile

    Corrugated Profile




    ALU-Xp 04 “Curved” Profile


    Around the corner

    The corners of a building always pose a challenge for the designers and builders alike. ALU-Xp system offers a variety of solutions for the corners to create a “clean” and precise look. ALU-Xp panels can be manufactured with a 45-degree miter corner to form a 90-degree angle. This solution can be performed by an installer onsite or at the fabrication facility if the corners are to be bonded.



    Special angle profiles can be provided at corners. The angle profiles are mechanically fastened to the ALU-Xp aluminum back up system. The angle profile shapes can be uniquely customized upon request.



    CB Products and ALU-Xp technical departments will work together with the design team and the installer to develop the best possible solution tailored to each project.




    Window Condition

    Attention to detail

    The detailing of the project is a crucial stage in the design development process. Extensive effort and coordination placed at this stage will almost certainly ensure a smoother building process further down the road. CB Products technical and sales departments are committed to our clients. On each project we work on, we provide constructive information and offer professional advice to aid the detailing process.

    Below you will find a few typical details of the ALU-Xp system.

    *More typical details are available upon request.